Progress update

I’ve divided this project into 5 distinct phases, giving myself perhaps 3 months to complete each phase. Executable jar files will be made available after each phase is complete.

Phase 1: Colony management

All of the capabilities of colony management will be available. You’ll be able to research technologies and upgrade your colony based on technologies you have learned. For example, you’ll be able to terraform your planet, build ships, factories, missile bases and planetary bases.

You won’t be able to expand into other worlds yet, but huge chunk of the game’s infrastructure will be in place after this phase. Although you’ll be able to select your race and enjoy the benefits from that, there won’t be other races in the galaxy just yet.

I expect this phase to be complete by the end of March (3 weeks from now). Maybe. I am really focused on not hurrying this project so that I can spend more time polishing.

Phase 2: Fleet management

You’ll be able to direct ships you’ve built in Phase 1 to other planets. This will allow you to scout distant systems, build colony ships, and expand throughout the galaxy. All of the ship design options will be available but there won’t be much point in building warships. Transports will be functional as well.

I am planning on this phase to be complete by the end of June.

Phase 3: Diplomacy 

Alien races will begin populating the galaxy and you’ll be able to interact with them diplomatically. This includes the various diplomatic states: war, no treaty, non-aggression pact, and alliance. Trade agreements will be allowed including the ability to trade technologies. Players will be able to establish spy networks to learn more about their opponents as well as commit acts of espionage and sabotage.

There is a lot of dialogue related to this release, so I hope I can stay on schedule and finish this portion by the end of September (3Q). Automated ship combat may get in this phase, but possibly not.

Phase 4: Combat

Ship combat and planetary invasions will be support. Ship combat is complex and will take up the majority of the time. Planned by end of December (4Q).

Phase 5: Events and finish polish

Random events will be added along with anything else that needs polish. Saving and loading games as well. If it is warranted, the aging graphics of the original game may be upgraded. In any case, they will definitely stay in theme with the original Master of Orion. This phase will be done when it’s done.

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