Phase 2 plans

Work on Phase 2 (ships! exploration! empire!) starts tonight. Broadly, here is my current planned order of work.

1. Display fleets – show fleets on map and allow them to be selected

2. Change ship designs – allow player to choose which ship design he wants to build on a colony. This could include a stargate, which would also be drawn on the map.

3. Fleet design listing – the screen that shows the current active designs (up to 6), with the ability to scrap a design. A pretty simple screen.

4. Create new ship designs – The Ship Design UI is a complex beast and one of the most important UIs in the game. I’ll get on it fairly early.

5. Send fleets to destinations – provide the ability to send fleets to other systems. Will need to account for stargates and hyperspace communications.

6. Fleet arrival events – things that happen when you get where you are going. Scouting new systems. Learning a technology for being the first to scout an artifact planet. Colonizing planets.

7. Fleet status screen – the UI that shows all of the player’s fleets and where they are at or going to.

8. Strategic Map – the map that shows the entire galaxy and various aspects about the races and planets in it.

9. Colony listing – the UI providing information all of the player’s colonies, empire-wide income and expenses, and the ability to transfer from the empire reserve to a colony.

The hope is to have this done by the end of June. We’ll see. There are a lot of large UIs to do but this is all very straightforward work.


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