Ship Design is functional

The ability to design and build customized ships in Java MOO is complete. All of the options in the original game are implemented. All that is left is visual polish, which I will be working on for a few more days.

The screenshot below provides a good example. I played the Psilons for about 120 turns or so, learning a bunch of technologies. I then designed some large ship and built about 5 of them on the home colony. You can see the configuration for this ship below.


I’ve settled on a greenish-tint for this UI. There are still some minor visual bugs… The Ship Icon on the bottom is oversized. The weapon damage values should be centered…. I need to verify all of the textual descriptions of the various weapons and ship specials. The specials have descriptions, but they’re not being displayed at the moment. Bad coding, obviously.

Below is the selection panel that comes up when you want to select a new ship weapon. I still need to implement scrolling for really long lists, but that’s a trivial point. Also, the numbers should be right-aligned (although they are left-aligned in the game).


Finally, below is a screenshot of selecting Ship Specials. Please note that all of the other selection options (Computer, Shield, ECM, Armor, Engine and Maneuverability) are also working. You can see how I placed a green haze over the underlying UI to make it clear that you can only interact with the selection panel.


I expect maybe 2-3 nights of polish on this feature and then I’ll move onto the next step of Phase 2… Sending ships out to other planets to scout and colonize.

Fun stuff! I am very pleasantly surprised with my progress so far.




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