Fleet deployment works

Deploying fleets is in. Basically, you can select a fleet (which can contain multiple stacks of ships), pick a subset of those ships and then send them to another system. Pressing “Next Turn” will move those ships along until they arrive at their destination.

I have a hit list of tiny bugs to fix and features to verify (stargates, hyperspace communication), but a player can now design, build and deploy ships across the galaxy. Colonization is not in yet, but there will need to be a bit of image scraping before that can be done.

Here are some sample screenshots…

Below you can the error displayed when a ship cannot reach its destination.


However, as seen below, that same destination may be reachable by a ship with reserve fuel tanks. The destination line turns green and an Estimated Time of Arrival is displayed.


Finally, after a few presses of “Next Turn”, two of the 3 ships deployed arrive at their destination, which are immediately scanned by the ships.


Still a few kinks to work out but, once they are done, I’m switching to the “Map” UI.




2 thoughts on “Fleet deployment works”

  1. Hey, I just found this site! Looks like you’re making good progress! I’m also working on my own MoO 1 clone which you can see at my site (linked in name). I was wondering if there’s some things we could do to help each other? If you read my blog’s history, you can see that we recently changed over from Beyond Beyaan to Dominus Galaxia. Beyond Beyaan is open source, while Dominus Galaxia is closed-source due to new developer merging his project with mine. At the very least, you could use logic from Beyond Beyaan which is nearly complete (the only things missing are random events, ground/space combat, diplomacy, AI, and sounds). I also cracked the LBX file format for graphics, so if you want to use LBX files directly from MoO 1, let me know and I can give you the utility project and source for extracting images from LBX. Just to clarify things, Beyond Beyaan was going to be a direct clone of MoO 1, that means same logic, same rules, etc. I’ve already done a lot of research on internal workings of MoO 1 and implemented them into BB.

    If you’re interested in completing Beyond Beyaan (it’s in C#, not Java though), we could talk about that as well. Let me know if there’s anything that you’re interested.


    1. That looks like a great project! I’ve gotten most of the MOO1 logic already done from a previous version and am now re-skinning everything to look more like the original MOO1. However, being able to directly extract images from the MOO1 LBX files directly would be a big help. I’ll drop you an email.


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