Animation & Artifact Planets

Thanks to the LBX extraction utility provided by the creator of Beyond Beyaan, I was able to get all of the various racial images in the original Master of Orion game and provide animations in Java MOO. It took most of the weekend… 10 races, 3 of the 4 graphics, 25 frames each… you get the idea.

Anyway, I needed the “Trooper” animations since they are used when you learn a technology by being the first empire to scout an artifact planet. As a example, below are the trooper and scientist screenshots for the Darlok empire:




You can’t see the animations in the screenshots, but they are there. Below is the Meklar trooper, which was cleaned up a bit from the seemingly unfinished version in the original game shown afterwards (the unfinished area is concealed by the technology description).

Java MOO:


Master of Orion 1:



Anyway, progress!


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