Rotating planets and scouting systems

I’ve spent the past week or so doing a lot of little polishing items that have been starting to accumulate. Most are not worth screenshots or even mentioning.

When I decided to start on the screen when a player is notified that a new system has been scouted, I wasn’t given much to work from stylistically from the original Master of Orion game. Here is what the old system scouted notification looked like:



It’s basically a brief interruption during the Next Turn process. I thought it should be more interesting. Here’s what I did… First of all, I scavenged some code I had written from an earlier personal project in which I randomly generated planets and rotated them in 3D. To make sure I had that code working, I replaced the existing planet displays with the random, rotating planets. Below is an example of a randomly generated starting world (top right), but you obviously can’t tell that it is rotating:


Anyway, once that was working I developed the “System Scouted” notification. In the screenshot below, you have to imagine the text displaying character by character, with an electronic teletype sound. The planet starts off in the distance and gets closer, rotating the whole time. All I need is a nice graphic of a spaceship (TBD later when I find something suitable) and this screen is complete. However, it is much nicer than the original MOO notification.


Progress continues and the game is starting to liven up with more built-in animations and some beginning sounds!


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