Early Colony listing

The next UI I have been working on is the Colony listing — available via the “Planets” tab. One has to play the game a bit to get enough data to test this screen and I was soon sidetracked by a bunch of little annoying bugs that I was compelled to squash before continuing. Those were all taken care of today, allowing me to smoothly progress from a single, starting colony to the entire galaxy with no issues at all. Below is a screenshot example. I use the Silicoid race for this testing since they do not require discovering colonization techs to expand.


All of the systems, except for two without planets, have been colonized. I’ve highlighted the Orion system (its Guardian ship will be added in Phase 3 or 4) and you can see that the randomly generated planets can have ice caps now. Realistic clouds are on the list to be done soon!

Below is a very early mockup of the Colony list. It still has a lot of work left but this is where I stopped to focus on bugs. The columns are sortable (unlike the original game).



I expect this UI to be done next weekend.

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