Colonies Listing – all done except some polish

The colony listing UI has turned out much better than I had hoped. The original version from MOO1 is kind of a pre-Windows mess — columns aren’t sortable, it’s hard to scroll a long list, data is crammed in and it looks very spreadsheet-like. You can see here:


The goal was to fix most of those issues and generally make it more useful. I broke the data up into 3 views (Ecology, Industry and Military) with the planet name and population as common fields in all 3 views.

The up/down buttons are removed and scrolling is done with any of the standard 3 techniques: mouse wheel, up/down keys or clickable arrow overlays on the list. Of course, all of the columns are sortable.

Most importantly, I added a display for the selected colony that would allow you to set its allocations without leaving the screen. That is a huge boon for managing large empires.

Below are 4 screenshots… the ecology view, the industry view, the military view and the transfer reserve feature.

There’s still a lot of work left for Phase 2, but just two big screen efforts and a lot of smaller features (transports, etc).






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