Fleet Production and other stuff

After finishing the Colony Listing UI a few days, I entered this past weekend with a list of what remains for Phase 2… there were two significant UIs to do, plus 35 known items for minor features, bugs, or polish. I decided to focus on the 35 because it is an intimidating number, and also because I didn’t really want to start on the Fleet listing UI yet.

Great progress was made this weekend, punctuated by yard work around a new tree we planted on Thursday. Anyway, that list of 35 is now down to 17, so I think phase 2 is still on track to finish by the end of May.  😀

Here is a screenshot of a new feature that allows the player to color his ships.


And below is the implementation of the notification of when you’ve completed construction of ships.



Transports and ship relocation are coming soon (i.e. in a few days), followed by the addition of nebulas into the galaxy and cloud graphics on the rotating planets.


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