Transports are done

With the addition of transports, the number of features remaining for Phase 2 is rapidly diminishing. Here’s what’s remaining on the list:

a) Ship Fleet Listing

b) Nebulas

c) Ship Relocation after construction

d) Colonization confirmations

e) Reworked star graphics, animated

f) A cloud layer for the rotating planets

g) Informational ship design hovering display when selecting a design to build

That’s it and Phase 2 will be done. That’s hopefully just 3-4 more weeks of work and a completely playable and polished solo game will be in the can. Then I can take a brief break and start on all of the alien race interaction in Phase 3!

Here are two screenshots for transports. First, creating the transport:


Secondly, displaying a transport in transit.





There was a lot more work required that what these two screens show, but examples of all of the validation errors that can be displayed to the user make for boring screenshots. Also, I had to ensure support for redirecting transports once Hyperspace Communications was learned.



2 thoughts on “Transports are done”

  1. This project looks amazing, and your development pace is very impressive! I discovered MoO a few months ago and, as a java developer myself, had the same idea as you to reimplement it. But you’re actually doing it, and making incredible progress. Keep it up! I’m following this blog with great anticipation.


  2. Thanks! This is not my first dance at this particular party, so I’ve been kind of keeping a low profile until I’m further along in development. I think you are only the second person outside of my circle of friends to have stumbled across this blog.


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