Ship Relocation, twinkling stars

Two item Phase 2 items are completed today, plus another one I realized a need for.

Ship relocation is now in the game. This means that you can have newly-constructed ships automatically redirected to another colony of your choice. This was a great feature in the original game because it made it easier to marshall your fleets on important border colonies from industrialized colonies safely ensconced within your empire.

Also, the stars on the map now have lens flares and will twinkle. Finally, the area of space reachable by your ships is now colored differently (for both normal range and extended range ships). This makes setting up your scout ships much easier and also provides an informal border for your growing galactic empire.

The following screen shot shows all 3 of these updates:


In this shot, a Ship Relocation is being set up from Altair to Madoria.


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