Starting work on the Fleets listing

Boy, I put this off for the longest time because I really had no idea how I was going to remake the original MOO1 fleet listing into something useful. As a reminder, here is what it looked like:



After a lot of thinking, I sat down, put my mad MS Paint skills to work and made a mockup of something I think would work much better. I think it’s cool, anyway. Here’s the target I start working on tonight:



For starters, you get a map of the portion of the galaxy that your ships can reach. That’s all that matters here. You can click on a fleet on the map and display it on the right. There will also be a listing of fleets on the right that you can selected from.

There are buttons above the map, one for each ship design you have. When depressed, any fleets containing that design will start to glow. This will allow you to find ships quickly, along with their location within your empire.

Ships and transports will be shown here. That’s the goal, anyway.



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