Well, I finally got around to nebulas, exemplifying the old saying, “Don’t do today what you can put off for two months”.

The reality is that I wanted to auto-generate these and wasn’t sure how to do so for a long time. But I came up with an algorithm and now Java MOO has nebulas. Of course, all of the in-game effects of nebulas work properly — that was the easy part!

Visually, they’re not as good as I would have liked, but they are a bit better than I expected.

When Phase 2 of development ends, I’ll start a private “alpha 1” test for MOO veterans who want to provide feedback on the interface. That’s maybe two weeks away, I think.




8 thoughts on “Nebulas!

  1. hello, i am surprised that anyone is actually working on a java Master of Orion. I would like to sign up for that alpha test when you decide to start it. I to was trying to do a simular game, although i got stuck on save and loading as well as how to have a random universe spawn so its playable. If i could i would love to see the code, to learn how to do some of the things that i could never figure out.


  2. hello, I would like to sign up for that Alpha testing. And if not to much troble I would love to see your code. I tried to do a simular project but was unable to implement a few things such as saving loading and a good random universe generator. if i could see how you implemented these features i am hoping that i might be able to fix my game.


    1. I hate to disappoint, but I have yet to implement saving or loading games. That will be not be done until Phase 4, after which I think the object structure will be stable enough to start thinking about saved games. I am presuming it will simply be a matter serializing all of the data objects.

      It will probably two weeks before I am ready with an alpha version. The feature set is complete but I have a lot of minor polish items to address.


  3. one idea i always wanted implemented into Master of Orion would be multiplayer. i had always wanted to play against my dad. never could find a mod to allow multiplayer on MOO 1.


  4. Do you need any help with the project? I have a good amount of experience in Java coding, as well as in graphic design. I also have a friend who likes to create music. I also have ideas for a few new races.


  5. Currently I am not taking on any volunteers for this project as the vast majority of the code is done. The most pressing areas where I will need to contract out are for updating the illustrations and creating language translations. I have recently found an illustrator, but will not be looking for translators until after Phase 3 is complete (lots and lots of dialog).

    By the way, each race costs at least several hundred dollars in illustrative work so I currently have no plans beyond the original 10.


  6. I’m not really a “veteran” having only discovered MoO a few months ago, but I’d be happy to help test if you think that would be helpful. I’m a developer as well, so I’d give useful bug reports with reproduction steps and such. Maybe that helps to offset my MoO experience? I have no idea! But you have the option if you want it 🙂


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