Alpha 1 – Sign up here

The first alpha of Java MOO is ready for testing. I’ve finished the last tiny bit of functional code and have run a sanity check on a Mac. The jar is obfuscated and I’ve tweaked the animation so the game appears to play nice with my laptop CPU. All I need to do now is write up some sort of document or checklist for the alpha testers to review. The alpha version will be distributed to testers on Friday. Between now and then, I will be mostly playing the game and looking for any last-minute bugs to squash.

Please note that this is not a “public” alpha. I want to restrict who is testing so that I can be sure to follow up for feedback and comments. Since this is an unfinished game, I’d rather it not get a wide distribution. I will probably limit this to about a dozen testers, just so I don’t have to take away a lot of time from Phase 3 development.

Please respond if you want to participate in the alpha test. You can post here, email me privately at, or respond affirmatively in any of the 3-4 game forums where I have mentioned this. I will need your email for communication only.

There will not be any sort of lame NDA so I don’t care if you talk about the game, just ensure that you notify me of any criticisms so that I can properly address them!

Below is the last new screenshot from Phase 2. It’s the graphical system display screen available when you click on a system that is already selected on the main map. This is not the final version, but the best I can do until I switch over to higher-resolution images for the planets sometime in Phase 3.

Ignore the Windows menu bar at the bottom. I fail at screenshots, apparently.





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