Phase 3 – AI work in progress

Phase 3 has started, wherein the player will be able to play against multiple AI opponents. But before they can be added, I need to work on the AI to instruct the computer on how to explore, defend and colonize systems. Fortunately, a tremendous amount of this work was done in an earlier Java MOO attempt so this portion consists of mainly integrating, testing and improving upon that code.

This is well underway. I’ve created an “Auto-Play” difficulty mode in which the AI will play the player’s race. This allows me to easily watch the AI at work and address any problems I’ve seen.  I expect to be doing this most of the week, but should get the AI to the point where it efficiently expands throughout the galaxy and develops its colonies.

Think about what this entails:

— an AI “scientist” to select technologies to research that best benefit the current needs of the empire

— an AI “ship designer” to keep ship designs up-to-date with current technologies

— an AI “fleet commander” to prioritize what kind of fleets should be stationed at which systems, and then direct existing ships to those areas or colonies to build ships for that purpose

— an AI “governor” to manage colonies and develop them efficiently and build ships as requested

These are all currently working decently, but I need to test them a bit more.

Other AI personalities will eventually be needed, such as a “diplomat” for managing relations with other races, a “general” for determining attack targets during war, and a “ship captain” for managing ships in combat. All of these except the latter should be functional by the end of Phase 3.

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