New Meklar screenshots

All of the new artwork  for the Meklar race is done and (mostly) integrated into the game. All that’s left is for the diplomat image to be integrated but that needs to wait until I have the UIs for the races done.

This week I mainly finished up the basic AI responsible for managing colonies, doing research, building ships, managing fleets and generally expanding out into the galaxy to build an empire. This was a necessary prerequisite before I start creating galaxies with multiple competing races.

In addition, I wrote some code infrastructure to support the new artwork and the asychronous animations within them. Here are in-game examples of the new Meklar scientist and soldier artwork. Silicoids are next on the list!

Please note that new technology graphics are not in the game yet. The plan is to have them show up as holograms in the attached images.

The Meklar soldier:



The Meklar scientist:




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