Early Diplomatic screen

Below is a rough version of the Diplomatic screen that players will use to interact with alien races. Shown is an example of the “First Contact” notification.  A bit of plumbing underneath was required to get to this point, and all of the other diplomatic notifications will re-use it. For example, loading messages from a translatable text file, selecting from a list of messages matching the notification criteria, and then doing variable substitutions within the string based on the context of the notification.

And, of course, interrupting the Next Turn process with the new UI containing an animated  diplomat image. Currently, the Meklar diplomat is being used as a placeholder for all races, and I think this is her first appearance on this blog.

In keeping with all other Meklar roles, the diplomat chooses a form deemed most suitable for diplomacy… in this case, a humanoid with anthromorphic characteristics (since this is the dominant body shape of other races). Of course, the reality is that I just wanted to tip my hat to Metropolis.

And, on an unrelated note, this is as “sexy” as things will get in Java MOO. I’m not really a fan of trying to bump the appeal of a game by including sexy women.



5 thoughts on “Early Diplomatic screen”

  1. I don’t know where you’re getting all of this art from, but it’s amazing. All of the images you’ve posted so far are awesome!!


  2. There will be one background for each race, and it will be used for the scientist, soldier, spy & diplomat. Of course, generally the backgrounds for the soldier will be another races.

    I’m also thinking there needs to be a background for ruins on artifact planets.


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