Erratic War

The first AI declaration of war is in… the easy one. When the AI has an erratic leader, then there is a 2% chance per turn that he will declare war on you. This one is easy because it is completely self-contained and requires no detection of what is going on in the game.

Below are first contact and declaration of war screenshots. Please note that the font will change (I don’t like it at all) and there are still no animated waving flags for the AI in the shots yet.

Currently, I am working on creating Diplomatic Events for the AI to detect and respond to. The first, and one of the most straightforward, is the Trespassing event along with the associated Warning that the AI may give you.  Hopefully I’ll have that working tomorrow. There are currently 26 planned diplomatic events to code for as well as 30 different notifications (praises, warnings and threats) to work on. So, as you imagine, there is a lot to do just to get the AI to the point where it can have an “intelligent” conversation with the player.

First Contact from the Meklars:


Followed later by the declaration of war that makes it clear that you are dealing with an erratic leader:


Fun stuff!

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