Improving the Fleet Commander AI

Now that the AI is smart enough to notice enemy ships in orbit around its colonies, it had to be smart enough to DO something about it. A few new “Fleet Plans” were developed and tested tonight.

The “Repel” plan is designed specifically to drive away enemy ships from colonies and is currently the highest-priority fleet plan. It currently sends a token fighter, but this will eventually scale up to the size of the orbiting fleet.

The AI needed to be smart enough to defend colonies that have not yet finished building their missile bases, so I added a new “Guard Colony” plan that does just that. The size of the defense force (+bases) depends upon the security of the colony.

If it is an “Inner” colony not easily reachable by an opponent, a minimum defense is established. If it’s a “border” colony,  a larger defense is used. If it’s a border colony in range of an empire that it is at war with, then it is considered an “attack target” and an ever larger defense is established.

All of this seems to work but there’s no resolution yet as I have not yet implemented auto-resolution of ship combat. I’ll probably start working on that this weekend.


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