Artwork: Bulrathi laboratory

My apologies for the recent silence, but I had family in town this weekend so I did not work — plus I’ve had my head down in the Ship Combat AI code while being constantly distracted by the big tournament in Norway that started last week.

I now have some very rudimentary ship battle code in place (i.e. “1. retreat? if not, find best target   2. move toward target  3. if in range, fire on target  4. go to 1, repeat until battle over”). This creates the basic framework for the tactical ship battles to come  later, but right now it allows the AI to determine how well a ship battle went and rank its “severity” along with any other diplomatic incidents.

In addition, the very talented illustrator working on this project spent last week participating in an art contest, so he was doing other things as well. Nevertheless, here is the first pass at the Bulrathi laboratory that will serve as a background for the scientist and diplomat:


The obvious intent was to go for some  kind of heavy machinery and manufacturing backdrop, to fit the theme of the Bulrathi being particularly proficient with Construction technologies.


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