UI: Races

Well, the Races UI is mostly done after about 3 weeks of working and re-working on it until I found a look that I was happy with. There are parts that are clearly patterned after the original Races screen from MOO1, but you can now see the race empires on the galaxy map. I still need to add the ability to set Security Allocations for the player, but that should be trivial compared to what has been done.

In addition,  the area on the bottom right will be a view for the selected system, showing various spy information such as factories, bases, shield level, etc. It should be done later this week. You could get to this information in the original game, but it was very convoluted and kind of hacky.

After this is done, I’ll add support for espionage and stealing technologies.

The first screenshot is for a race that has not been contacted.


This shot is for a race that has been contacted, with system names turned on.


Finally, with system names turned off



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