Artwork: Psilon soldier

All of the racial images have animations but I don’t normally uploaded animated gif because they will usually be animated differently (asynchronously) within the actual game. For the psilon soldier, however, the animation is visually significant so I can’t really give a proper impression without showing some animation.

The in-game animation will not look exactly like this, but this is the psilon soldier with a force field. (click the image to animate it)



2 thoughts on “Artwork: Psilon soldier”

  1. How final is that? Are you also going to animate his arms? anything in the background? There’s a dichotomy going on between the parts that are animated, and the parts that you would expect to be animated but are not.


  2. Pretty final. Animations in this game have always been about flavor since there’s really no game effect to them. Sophisticated animations take a lot more time and budget and should probably be left to commercial ventures like Wargaming’s MOO4.


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