Spy networks and catching spies

The code and UIs needed to support setting up spy networks and the internal security to catch spies is complete.

Below is a screenshot of a spy report on an enemy Bulrathi system. Basically, you get information about a system’s population, factories, bases and shield level. This information is refreshed any turn that have an active spy network against that empire. In the original game, this information was available but you had to jump through hoops to find it.


Each turn, you have a chance to catch any enemy spies in your empire (improved by internal security spending) or for any of your spies to be caught. Any turn that either of those things happen, you will get an update. In MOO1, you had to proactively ask for this report each turn. In Java MOO, it will pop up any time that an event occurs.


2 thoughts on “Spy networks and catching spies”

  1. It’s an improvement, but having that spy report come up automatically just makes it very clear how much the AI is spying on you, lol.


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