More espionage features

ok, the ability to choose which technology category you want to steal from is now functional. All that is left is the ability to frame races, which comes next. Below is the UI for choosing the category. It will probably get some additional visual polish, but it’s good enough now to move onto to the next piece.


2 thoughts on “More espionage features”

  1. Hi guys,

    kudos for your work first and foremost! I am looking forward to the finished version of this gem of an oldie-but-goldie!

    One question – are the more stylistic fonts a hard choice, or might they still change? Because while I understand ties to the original or a decision of the devs, they are harder to read – and I am all for a clean readable UI, rather than more stylistic, but less readable one 🙂

    Thx anyway and keep up the good work!



    1. The stylistic fonts are indeed a hard choice as there is a strong desire to maintain the aesthetics of the original game. There are, however, different fonts of this style with varying readibility, so I am always willing to swap out for a better font in this style.

      Swapping out fonts completely via Settings may be possible, but are not currently planned.


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