Artwork: Psilon soldier

All of the racial images have animations but I don’t normally uploaded animated gif because they will usually be animated differently (asynchronously) within the actual game. For the psilon soldier, however, the animation is visually significant so I can’t really give a proper impression without showing some animation.

The in-game animation will not look exactly like this, but this is the psilon soldier with a force field. (click the image to animate it)



UI: Races

Well, the Races UI is mostly done after about 3 weeks of working and re-working on it until I found a look that I was happy with. There are parts that are clearly patterned after the original Races screen from MOO1, but you can now see the race empires on the galaxy map. I still need to add the ability to set Security Allocations for the player, but that should be trivial compared to what has been done.

In addition,  the area on the bottom right will be a view for the selected system, showing various spy information such as factories, bases, shield level, etc. It should be done later this week. You could get to this information in the original game, but it was very convoluted and kind of hacky.

After this is done, I’ll add support for espionage and stealing technologies.

The first screenshot is for a race that has not been contacted.


This shot is for a race that has been contacted, with system names turned on.


Finally, with system names turned off



Wordsmith is in the house

This is worth mentioning, although nothing to show yet… I am very excited to announce that a professional writer has joined the team and will be overhauling the racial dialogue as well as eventually creating backstories and lore for each of the races.

The goal remains, of course, to provide a professional and quality update to each aspect of the original game without changing the game itself or how it plays. This cannot be done without an overhaul of the original text.

New, improved flags

From the category of “No Effect on GamePlay”, here is the result of the final pass at player flag configuration. I have a lot of little things on my “to do” list for this game, and occasionally I like to work on them to get a mental break from other areas.

From the  setup screen, you can now flip a flag vertical or horizontally,  or switch between any of 4 shapes. There are also about 9 different patterns currently that you can switch between and recolor as necessary.

Shown below is a double-pennant flag: