Artwork: Alkari Laboratory

Note: this is unfinished, but close!

Here’s how the coordination between the developer(me) and illustrator(Petar) goes… I have a broad idea of how I want something to look, so Petar gives me a rough sketch. I go “no, no, more like this” and then give him a link to some hastily-googled photo or image that kind of looks like what I had in mind.

Then Petar responds by giving me something amazing and my jaw hits the floor. Below is a view of the Alkari homeworld from the open-air window of their laboratory. This is why, when you realize that you are working with someone very talented, you give them lots and lots of room to do their thing.


There is considerable effort ongoing in this project to make each race feel unique and different. We are trying to artistically create unique worlds and shapes for each of the 10 races in addition to creating individualized backstories and over two hundred lines of dialogue.  My job is just to connect all of the interesting pieces with code.

As before, there is a more detailed roadmap for the project at

Check it out and keep an eye on twitter @JavaMOO if you are particularly interested in this project, since commentary happens there as well.

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