Plundering factories

When you successfully invade and capture an alien colony, there is a chance that you will learn some of their technologies that are unknown to you. In fact, this is a great way to accomplish “research” by conquest!

In particular, there is a 2% chance for each factory captured that you will plunder one of the victim’s technologies. This is now working in Java MOO, as evidenced below.

With this, the code for invading colonies is basically complete. I’ll probably start working on the planetary bombing or sabotage features next.


5 thoughts on “Plundering factories”

  1. Great to see the work progressing. Artwork is just beautiful.
    If the AI will be half as good, the game stable and (mostly) bug free, it’ll be all I ever wanted. OK, that, and female robot slave.

    I’m not a big fan of the old menus though. I love being reminded and all that, but a simple square is just too contrasting with these beautiful images (i.e. the Bulrathi spy image). As it is, it looks unfinished. MoO1 is still my most played game and definitely #1 favorite, but it was ugly AF, even for its time.

    I’d use icons, instead of text, for the galaxy map menus (bottom menu & planetary allocation), and semi transparent black background instead of MoO1 boxes for buttons. The font is fine for short phrases/single words, but I’d change it for diplomatic conversations, gnn reports, weapon&tech descriptions (anything with more than 5 words).

    Keeping the ruleset close to the original is great. Keeping the UI look as in the original is IMO irrational romanticism and will hurt the game popularity. Me personally, I don’t give a damn, as long as the game works and has a decent AI.

    Some more nagging from me:
    One thing that was great from MoO2, was the ability to right click on anything and get help/information. You shouldn’t need a manual. Again, I don’t care, as I memorized the MoO manual by now, but it would help a lot of people. Most people missed on MoO1 intricacies, due to no in game info (e.g. research bonus loss when focusing on 1 tech; computer lvl – defense effect on weapon damage; technology rushing by researching the cheapest tech in the tree branch…)

    Just my 0.02$… I wish you lots of luck, and bug-free ride to the end.


    1. Great input, thanks!

      However, with regards to the look I think that a bit of “irrational romanticism” is not a bad thing. The semi-transparent icons hovering over a map? That look is seriously overdone in this genre. Every 4X space game superficially looks the same nowadays.

      Please understand that I am not dismissing your concerns. There is a tremendous amount of artwork to do, but the interface artwork is at the back of the list since I can fake all of that programmatically. At some point, the goal is for the entire user interface to be illustrated rather than drawn programmatically (as it is now).

      It will look unlike other games in the genre, but still clearly inspired by MOO1. That’s the whole point, right? It’s not about just replicating game mechanics and slapping a generic UI on top of them, but about updating the gameplay experience of the original game.

      With regards to manuals; I’m a fan of them. There will be a PDF manual for this game at some point for those who want to do a deeper dive into the mechanics. Elaboration of game mechanic details will generally be avoided in-game for the sake of immersion.


      1. Thanks for the reply. I guess you’re right on both points.

        In any case, my primary concern is with the AI. I’m hoping that you’ll do what so few people do, and spend a lot of time on it (especially when you get to beta and start receiving player input). What I would personally love is a kind of moddable AI (where you could modify it’s behavior with a simple txt/xml file). But I have no idea how feasible that idea is, or if anyone else would want that.

        And please let the same person(s) do the ships artwork. They’re doing a great job.


      2. The AI will likely suck at first, although I will do my best to make it not so. However, the difference between this game and most commercial 4Xs is that this will be the only version of the game, so the AI code will have plenty of time to iterate in subsequent patches until it gets to a good state.

        I’m not really too concerned about moddability since it will eventually be open-source.


      3. “…it will eventually be open-source”

        Damn noble! Only moments like these make me feel bad for being a poor slob. I wish I had millions to throw away at people like you. Let’s hope someone else will… Keep up being a decent human being!


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