Sabotage screenshots

I’ve spent the last two days working on the Sabotage code which allows your spies to blow up factories, blow up missile bases, or incite a rebellion. A new UI was needed to allow the player to select these options in addition to the code necessary to make it all work.

Most of  it is done now. I’m using some placeholder graphics until we get proper illustrations,  but the temporary graphics displayed will give you an idea of the  final  look.

Here is the UI that displays when you can perform a sabotage mission. You can only selected colonies for the target empire (in this case, I am the Psilons attack a Silicoid colony), and then one of the three Sabotage options (Factories, Bases, or Rebellion).


If you select “Destroy Factories”, you get a screen like the one below. However, the final version will have an explosion animation and a destroyed factory, but that artwork is not ready yet.


If you select “Destroy Missile Bases”, it’s exactly the same as Destroying Factories but with a different image.

If you select “Incite Rebellion”, you end up with a screen like the one below (no explosions here):


If you incite enough rebels, you can trigger the colony to go into revolt. Whenever this happens, even if it was caused by another empire, you’ll get a GNN notice like this:


Now, if one of your colonies goes into rebellion, you’ll see a slightly different GNN notice that reminds you to send troops. When those troops arrive, the wording on the Ground Combat UI is a little different, but otherwise it works as expected.

This feature has come together really quickly. All I need to do now is add the Diplomatic Events and warnings that could be triggered by these activities and then it will be essentially done until update artwork is made.


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