Sabotage completed

With the exceptions of a few minor alterations pending updated artwork, the Sabotage code in Java MoO is complete. I’m a little astonished at how quickly it went because I mentally budgeted 1-2 weeks to get it done, and it took 3 days. I am not complaining; this helps the project stay on a decent schedule.

The final piece was overthrowing the leaders of an empire if enough colonies rebelled. It generates the GNN message below when it happens. Please note that this is LOSS condition if and when it happens to the player.


Remember, these are simply placeholder graphics until the appropriate new artwwork is done. This is not the final screenshot!

If you are interested in more information on this project, don’t forget to check out the “Steam Community” link on this page, or to follow additional dev comments on Twitter at @JavaMOO.

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