Music: Intro theme

Below is the Introductory music designed for Java MOO. It’s  intended to be tense, reflecting the uncertainty of the game ahead. Will your lead your empire to glory or to ruin? At the beginning, who knows?

5 thoughts on “Music: Intro theme”

  1. You’re not redoing the music from the original MoO? That’s too bad, this music does not sound at all like anything in the original game, I think it would take me out of the whole MoO-experience/mood while playing… 😦


    1. It might be something of a legal hot potato to copy the original score, especially since new MoO is doing the same thing.

      As long as the tracks are easy to replace by users, it shouldn’t be much of an issue.


      1. That’s the best way to look at it, Jeff.

        I have to make decisions about how to write the code, what the art should look like, what the music should sound like, etc.

        I totally understand that I will make decisions that will not please everyone. MOO1 is a true classic and has a strong and dedicated set of fans, including myself.

        To even be able to create a faithful MOO1 clone requires a few sacrifices on my part, in both time and money — neither of which will be recoverable by me. The only way this is possible is to make this game completely not-for-profit in order to stay within the good graces of the copyright owners. Fortunately, they seem willing to let this project continue.

        However, with my money comes my choices. But even with that, I am completely willing to open-source every line of code in this project when it’s done so that anyone who thinks I totally screwed up some important part can then fork off the source code and change whatever they want.


  2. Well, the MoO Reboot seems to be redoing all the original music with modern instrumentals. Would you consider using some of the original music (Colony Established, Colony Destroyed, etc), I think it would help to keep the feel of the original. What you’re attempting to do is build off the original, seems a shame to throw out one of the main elements of the original.

    How about a retro/original music option in JavaMoO?


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