New Meklar Artwork: Colony and Ground Troops

The landscape and colony illustrations are currently in work, and a lot of behind-the-scenes coding has been going on to integrate the new images into the colonization and ground combat animations. Below are some example illustrations.

This one is the new Terran landscape, a transport ship, a Meklar colony with shield, and the Meklar ground combat troops (shown larger than in-game scale).

Eventually, each race will have their own colony and transport ship illustrations. The architecture of the Meklar colony is patterned after the art deco architecture in the movie Metropolis.

Keep in mind that, during ground combat, these soldiers are animated and fire weapons at each other.


The Silicoid colony and troops are currently in work.



6 thoughts on “New Meklar Artwork: Colony and Ground Troops”

      1. In the original game, Meklars have distinctive mechanical features: armor plates, pistons and so on. Their bodies are not nessessary humanoid: the science screen demonstrates us that clearly. In the ground combat scene troops also look like they have treads instead of legs and no cmouflage at all.
        I expected something similar, as you’re re-creating most features of the game very accurately.


      2. I agree completely. To be perfectly honest, that Meklar soldiers have treads instead of legs slipped my mind at the time when they were being drawn and I had already noted to myself to have them changed.

        There are a lot of little things that will require last-minute edits, but they get pushed to the end so as not to impact progress in other areas.


  1. I think what he meant, and I agree, is that they look too organic, they don´t look like artificial robots , but more like organic alive entities.


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