New Bulrathi Artwork: Combat and Colony

Below is a screenshot of Silicoid invaders getting slaughtered by defending Bulrathi soldiers. The  artwork for the Bulrathi and their colony fortress is new.

Currently, all soldiers are set to the same size but there will be racial differences in the final iteration of this screen, most notably with the Bulrathi (larger) and the Psilons (smaller).

Also, the new Terran landscape has been integrated into the game. These landscapes are a little variable in that the sky and clouds can be different. Of course, there is no sky or clouds for airless planets, but the artwork is still in work for those.


2 thoughts on “New Bulrathi Artwork: Combat and Colony

  1. Looks good. I wonder if the Silicoid soldiers might look even better if their shields were smaller, more crystalline, and semi-transparent.


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