Coding update

Petar’s illustration work recently has done a great job of filling the blog. Most of the coding work I’ve done in the past few weeks has not been conducive to screenshots, so I’ve been content to not discuss it. However, here is what has been done in the past few weeks, code-wise:

— Planet displays… for various UIs that show a colony on a planet, I’ve integrated an early pass of the new Terran graphics which have separate layers for the terrain, sky and clouds. It will create a more varied look among planets as opposed to the static images in the original game. As you may have noticed by now, the colony fortress is now different for each race.

— Ground Combat UI… integrated animated soldier graphics and colony fortresses from Petar, only the Alkari remain. All of the weapons have different sound effects. There is an animation to the screen showing the transport ship descending and then a hail of gunfire as the combat as resolved. All of the animation can be skipped, of course.  To do: I’ll need various death animations for the soldiers as well as different weapon effects. Those will be done when artwork is ready.

— Bomb Colony UI… this is where you are prompted yes/no to bomb an enemy colony when you have bombers in orbit. Currently, you have an orbital view and the ship descends to the planet when the bombing starts. To do: Explosion animations on the planet. Before doing this, I have some picky things to figure out to ensure that the bombs fall on land areas (think about Ocean planets).

— Colony Getting Bombed UI… this is the display that shows your colony when it is getting bombed by an enemy. Unlike the previous, this is not an orbital view but shows your colony. The sound effects and explosion animations worked out really well here. To do: Integrate some “destroyed’ versions of the colony fortress images for those times when your colony gets obliterated.

— Alien speech… I’ve finished the coding to support alien speech for the various diplomats. Basically, it allows a collection of syllables that are strung together to represent the speech, and the diplomat animates talking exactly as long as the randomized speech is playing. I’m using Esperanto for Human speech and it works pretty well. I’ll probably be cobbling together speech for the rest of the races over the next few days.

Up Next: Detecting End game conditions and switching to appropriate information screens when they occur. Illustrations for these screen to come much later. This should probably take two days at the most. It will be nice to do something a little simpler!

I think I’ve scheduled the Galactic Council to be done in November along with starting all of the Diplomatic Treaty code.

There’s a lot of work left to do before the Alpha, but everything is still moving along pretty nicely! The original plan was to have it ready sometime  in 1Q 2016, and I think that’s still a reasonable estimate. Nothing is set in stone, of course.


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