Artwork: Barren planets

Below is the landscape artwork for Barren planets, to be used for Colonization and Ground Battle animations. It is modeled after the Arabian Desert and/or the fictional planet Dune.



2 thoughts on “Artwork: Barren planets”

    1. Well, the MOO1 planet types have sort of a logjam at the “Desert” planet type… there’s Desert, Arid, Minimal and Barren, which are all conceptually very similar. Then there’s the close cousin, Dead.

      Fortunately, there are several distinct types of actual deserts, so can vary them.

      The plan is to have ‘Barren’ be a very sandy, dry desert. ‘Desert’ will be more of a scrub desert like you see in Texas or the Southwest. ‘Arid’ will be wetter than that, but not by much. Minimal is going to be some sort of variation on a salt flat. Dead has no atmosphere, so it’s more of a Mars analogue.

      These may change based upon the artist. There’s no reason that this current image could not be used as “Desert” or “Minimal” if it makes more sense given the rest of the artwork.


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