Code: Galactic Council essentially done

I’ve spent the last two weeks coding up all of the logic for the Galactic Council… when they meet, the order and tallying of the votes, the selection of the leader, declaring final war, and empires being happy or upset if you did or did not vote for them.

In addition, I’ve developed a workable UI that goes through the voting process very much like the original game. I scavenged a lot of graphics from the original game to serve as placeholders until the new artwork is done, so it’s not worth wasting a screenshot on.

However, below is an example of the Alkari very upset that I did not vote for them! All that’s really left of the council vote is a few minor touchups in the code and the eventual incorporate of new artwork.


In a couple of weeks I will start on the last big piece of functionality before the alpha test: the diplomatic options. Between now and then I am setting aside some time  to  do nothing but polish existing code and other little things I’ve avoided while doing feature work.

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