Diplomacy December

It’s December 1st, the day I stop working on bugs & minor enhancements and begin on the last significant functional component needed for the alpha — diplomacy. By the end of the month, Java MOO players (read: me) will be able to declare war, sue for peace, setup trade routes, demand or offer tribute, agree to non-aggression pacts, join alliances, and trade technologies.

The internal mathematics for various AI actions will be different than in the original MOO1. These are not differences in features, but in the implementation of features. The diplomatic model will not be as simple as in the original game, hopefully making it more difficult for players to abuse the AI.

I’m going for a two-dimensional model with “Contempt” on one axis and “Relations” on the other. The lines for various actions will vary by leader type. Below is a stunningly beautiful Macrosoft Paint representation of the War model.

For entering alliances, the outlying leader types will be “Ruthless” (less likely) and “Honorable” (more likely). For trade treaties, those types will be “Xenophobic” (less likely) and “Diplomatic” (more likely).





One thought on “Diplomacy December”

  1. Is it 3-dimensional or 1-dimensional in case of alliances and trade treaties? The former one could be much more difficult to abuse by players… I would say that other 4X games have showed us that 2-dimensional models are not enough in case of diplomacy and 1-dimensional ones are a total failure. Have you considered to have a 4 dimensional one with Ruthless/Honorable and Xenophobic/Diplomatic affecting other areas of diplomacy, as well?


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