Art: Tundra planet landscape

Below is the landscape for Tundra planets. These are patterned after Hoth of the Star Wars universe — basically a “Snowball Earth” type of planet.




4 thoughts on “Art: Tundra planet landscape”

  1. Still loving the artwork, and this one reminds me of a question about how this type of artwork will be applied: In games where Atmospheric Terraforming gets researched and traded around, a lot of ground combat could end up happening on “Minimal” worlds that used to be Barren, Tundra, Dead, etc. Will the background for these combats be the same it was prior to atmo-terra, will they all have the Minimal background, or will there be some kind of mingling (e.g. the planet’s original landscape but with different atmospheric effects, if the artwork is produced in a way that allows for that)?


    1. Ref, there are no plans to have modified artwork for the planets. When a planet is terraformed to a Minimal environment, it will show the Minimal landscape artwork. I do think it would be cool to show increasing levels of vegetation as the Improved Terraforming techs are done. However, the Silicoids complicate this since they use the Improved Terraforming techs but are not biological. I’d have to work out the effects I want for this before commissioning the artwork for it. As you can imagine, there are more pressing priorities than this.


  2. Funny thing about ice planets. They would generally have little to no …snow.
    Persistently extreme low temperature means little to no evaporation or sublimation. After centuries of no fresh snowfall, most of ice on the surface would be glacial blue ice.


    1. Since the “Controlled Tundra Environment” is a fairly low-level technology, I chose to treat tundra planets as a “Snowball Earth” scenario, i.e. a planet in a temperate zone that is not getting enough atmospheric heating. This is why it has an atmosphere that has not condensed out completely. The assumption is that there are areas that receive enough heating to create some sort of an atmospheric cycle.

      In a later version of the game, true frozen planets will be introduced as analogues to Pluto or some of the larger moons of Jupiter and Saturn. But those are not in the original MOO and would require a different technology to colonize.


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