Code: Treaty Options are done

The ability to sign various treaties is now functional in Java MOO. You have 5 treaty options:

  • Offer Peace Treaty
  • Offer Non-Aggression Pact
  • Offer Alliance
  • Ask to Declare War on Another Race
  • Ask to Break Alliance with Another Race

In  addition to the player being able to ask the AI for these options, the AIs will also set up treaties amongst themselves. There will be some more AI work to finesse this logic, but what is in the game is functional. Here are some screen shots to give you a basic idea of how the menus look. The spoken text font for the races still needs some editing, though.

The Main diplomatic menu:


The “Propose Treaty” submenu is below. Note that invalid options are disabled. For example, you cannot ask to break an alliance if the race is not in an alliance.


Below is a standard refusal response. Please note that, when applicable, the AI will often give you a reason for the refusal (perhaps you stole a technology, or your ships are too close to its borders).


Next up: Setting up trade treaties and breaking existing treaties.




2 thoughts on “Code: Treaty Options are done”

  1. What happens when the last standing races all are in an alliance? In moo2, the game just continues and you are forced to break alliances in order to win the game. Will it work like that in Javamoo? Or will the player win the game when all remaining a.i. are in an alliance with him?


  2. ‘Winning’ and ‘Losing’ are not always applicable terms for a sandbox 4X like Java MOO. The game has ending conditions. All of the remaining races being in the same alliance is one of many ending conditions, most of which you are already familiar with.

    Whether the player considers that a win is up to him. Perhaps if he was playing in a difficult mode, then surviving by being in a winning alliance will be good enough.

    If it’s not good enough, then he can break his alliance and try to fight it out as in MOO2. The hope is that the AI in Java MOO will be competent enough that the player sees more value in a “partial victory” rather than a loss.



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