Trade treaties are in the game

The player can now initiate trade treaties with the AI, and the AIs will also do so with each other behind the scenes.

Here is an example of the trade menu:


Here is an example of the acceptance message:


I still need to add support for breaking tributes, demanding tribute, and exchanging technologies.


4 thoughts on “Trade treaties are in the game”

  1. Would be interested to hear a bit on how a.i. closes treaties amongst eachtother. What conditions (other than not being at War) apply? Are they eager to close treaties and how does their diplo stance weigh in?


    1. The diplomatic status, current treaty status, leader personality, and the requestor’s relations with their allies all factor into the decisions.

      Keep in mind that the diplomatic status is calculated differently than in MOO1 and will hopefully be less exploitable.


  2. Thanks! I decided to take about 10 days “off” from developing to enjoy holiday-related activities. I feel recharged!

    The pace is kind of out of my control. It’s more relaxed for me since (as the timeline shows), there are many more months of illustration work remaining than programming work.


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