Art: Jungle landscape

The holiday season is over and it’s back to work! Below is the artwork for the Jungle planet landscape:



2 thoughts on “Art: Jungle landscape”

  1. Very pretty picture.

    Out of most “standard SF single biome planets”, jungle one was always most confusing to me. How do you get a planet that’s majority jungle? Heck, large swaths of Earth don’t have even moss on them, not with the extreme cold or dryness.
    I guess you could have extremely flat surface, combined with fairly warm climate (perhaps also slightly thicker atmosphere…), so you’d have a fairly equally distributed evaporation and
    rainfall. Would that make it work?
    Its either that or simply most continents are placed in places where climate is adequate.


  2. Also, I’d think you’d want small continents or archipelago-type landmasses to ensure that most land areas getting adequate rainfall.

    Either way, single-biome planets are a fun trope and easy to relate to.


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