Art: Steppe Landscape

Below is the artwork for Steppe planets. Of course, “steppe” is a very generic description and I avoided the many desert-style steppe landscapes since we already have Desert and Arid planets.

Whereas Jungle planets are predominantly arboreal, Steppe planets are predominantly grasslands. This, of course, is all general. It does not mean that jungle planets don’t have any grasslands, or vice versa.


2 thoughts on “Art: Steppe Landscape

  1. I’m loving this project.

    We’re all rooting you on. I hope you continue to enjoy this hobby and look forward to whatever end result we’re all lucky enough to have you share with us.


    1. Thanks! I am making this game mainly for myself, but I am excited that so many other people also want to play “MOO1 with new graphics”


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