This project is one year old…

A year ago, I decided to pick up the torch for a project I attempted a long time ago and then dropped.

After analyzing where to start, I google-stumbled onto my long-lost project and its source code, safely stored away in a jar file on a now-obscure website. What a find! Although I threw away all of the user interface code in favor of a rewrite, salvaging all of the underlying game logic probably saved me 4-6 months of work in my off-time.

Since the project has stayed faithful to its ‘recreate Master of Orion 1’ plan, there haven’t been any delays due to feature creep. However,  I have added a amazing  artist, a creative writer and a talented musician to the project, so it has clearly experienced “polish creep”. The original goal for a quick and dirty game has been scrapped in favor of a more realistic schedule that will (hopefully) produce a higher quality game.

Back in June, announced a reboot of the Master of Orion series, breathing life and AAA quality back into a legendary video game franchise that has long deserved another chance to reach a modern audience. All in all, it’s been a pretty exciting year for me to finally scratch my “Master of Orion” itch again!

Of course, now that I realize that someone actually owns this intellectual property and is using it (it had been held by a bankrupt Atari), the parameters under which I can distribute a Java MOO game are completely under the control of Wargaming. I have been in touch with Wargaming in recent days about this subject and will update the blog as soon as I know anything definite.

I’ve been working on more of the diplomacy AI, which will now trade technologies with the player. There is still some balancing work to do, but that applies to just about every aspect of the AI. The bottom line is that all of the programming kinks needed to get the feature to work is done. Polishing is a neverending process that will be a constant focus up until the release date.



2 thoughts on “This project is one year old…”

  1. Congratulations! And give yourself a pat on the back, not many of these fan remakes get as far as yours has.

    I greatly appreciate your hard work and dedication .


  2. Thanks! Adding other people to the project has helped out quite a bit as it has taken away a lot of schedule pressure that I would have put on myself.


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