Java MOO no more!

Well, I just got word back from about the viability of the Java MOO project existing as a fan-made version of the original Master of Orion.

They are cool with it under two conditions:

— Cannot use “Master of Orion” in the name

— Cannot generate revenue from it

So there it is. Java MOO will be receiving a new name, since “MOO” is just an abbreviation for “Master of Orion”. I’ll let everyone know what it is once the various domain and twitter accounts are locked up.

But this means that race names like “Mrrshan”, “Klackons”, etc are permitted for the time being. If they change their mind on that, then those can be renamed at some point as well.

This is great news because it allows me to continue to invest in the development of the game without fear of losing it all due to a Cease & Desist order!

Thanks to Wargaming for being so cool about this project. I have no doubt that certain companies would have just shut this down on Day 1.

7 thoughts on “Java MOO no more!”

    1. “Star Lords” would just be going from the frying pan to another almost identical frying pan. Someone owns the rights to that name as well.

      Besides, I think all of the variations of “Star”, “Space”, “Galactic”, etc etc are completely overdone in the 4X Space genre and bordering on cliche. I would like the name to be meaningful to MOO fans without falling into those existing tropes. Quality products can turn any name into an asset.

      Whatever name I come up with will have detractors because Simtex made the name “Master of Orion” such an iconic identifier for the genre, and any alternative will feel like a downgrade. Nevertheless, I have to move away from that and try to come up with my own that will hopefully catch on if and when people enjoy the game.


  1. Wow. Talk about misleading post name. You wanna give us all heart attacks? 😉
    Glad there are no further obstacles for continuation of project as of now.


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