“Remnants of the Precursors”

“Remnants of the Precursors” is the new, non-infringing name of the Master of Orion remake formerly known as “Java MOO”.

There are reasons for this name, although I realize that there is no name I could come up with that would be pleasing to everyone. Instead, I have chosen a name that will allow me to blaze a trail through the Master of Orion backstory that was virtually non-existent in the original game. I have opinions about the presentation of game lore, and at some point exploring the backstory in-game will become an integral part of the post-Orion release of this game.

Also, please realize that this blog will self-destruct soon as I try to distance the project fromthe use of “Master of Orion”! This is a specific request from Wargaming that I have every intention of honoring. I have set up a new website at www.pretendstudios.com to serve as a clearinghouse for information about the game, and will be firing up a new dev blog in the next week or so.

If you are following twitter at @JavaMOO,  please start following at  @PretendStudios




5 thoughts on ““Remnants of the Precursors””

  1. I know you don’t want feature creep but how bout the name


    which is a jumble of Master of Orion and seems to fit with your theme of rediscovering a lost universe.


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