Looking for MOO1 fans for alpha testing

If you still like MOO1 enough to discuss it online and would like to participate in the upcoming private alpha test, please tweet (@PretendStudios) or email (ray.fowler@protonmail.com) me a link to said discussion and I’ll be happy to put you on the list. If that seems like an unusual request, just think of the link as proof of your MOO1 bona fides.

Please understand that this upcoming alpha version is very incomplete and unfinished, and I will be mainly interested in feedback on the AI. First impressions matter, so I really do not want to expose an unfinished game to a lot of people who are not already familiar with MOO1.

3 thoughts on “Looking for MOO1 fans for alpha testing”

    1. I’m not going to turn away anyone who has been actively following the development of the game. I just don’t want to risk getting overwhelmed by a lot of people who really just want to see where the game is at


  1. I think you’re approaching this in a good way. One thing I’d like to throw in the mix. For me, the spying, sabotage and framing were critical to my play style. There would be empires at war with me who could wipe me aside, but… I’d frame other empires for sabotage, with enough of that a war gets going and I’d get the heat of battle taken off of me long enough to build up enough strength to take on that big empire. And yes, I like to play as the Darloks.


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