Working on the AI

Most of what’s left now, feature-wise, for the alpha is just AI work. For example, given this situation below where the only colonizable planet out of normal ship range:



The AI is now smart enough to build a colony ship with extended fuel range tanks, something that’s only a rare need and typically requires some miniaturization to fit things in a large hull.


I could fine-tune it more, but this should be sufficient in helping keep the AI from getting boxed in by bad starting positions.

2 thoughts on “Working on the AI”

  1. That’s great. I would use that technique often (i.e. miniaturization) in the original MOO to try to outrace the AI on colonization of the planets with non-hostile environments. If you are giving AI this same tactic then I would have to rethink my expansion strategies.


  2. It’s a very situational need. Sometimes you just aren’t getting the propulsion or colonization techs you need, so you infrequently have to fall back to this option to keep from getting boxed in. I’m just making the AI aware that this option exists. It might only use it once every 20 games!


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