Updated project timeline

I posted the timeline below sometime in December to give everyone an idea of how long I *thought* it would be until the project was ready for Alpha, ready for Beta, and then complete.

I hope it gave some insight into the tremendous amount of work, especially artwork, that is required to for the first release. The goal was to have the Alpha ready in April, but that is clearly not going to happen. Quite a bit has changed since December, including a name change for the game. In addition, I have decided to add the new GNN artwork into the Alpha.

A big reason for the mis-estimation is the fact that I am not an artist, so I just made wild-ass guesses on how long some of these things would take Petar! Anyway, I hope everyone can look at the updated schedule below and see that the game is still very much on track despite my errors.

The lined-out items are complete. The items in red are still planned for the Alpha. Don’t worry about the writing; none of that is planned for the alpha and is being worked asynchronously.

Once the alpha is out, I will recalibrate the schedule for the beta.


4 thoughts on “Updated project timeline”

  1. I’d be glad to help out with some art work. What do you need? I have a robot model (fully articulated) that might work for the GNN droid.
    Also, how about the animations of ships bombarding planets? Need that?


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