Alkari Council screenshot

This has been done for a while, but I didn’t realize that I haven’t posted an in-game screenshot of the galactic council background working in game. Here it is.


3 thoughts on “Alkari Council screenshot”

    1. That’s probably an unfair comparison. This project is operating under different parameters than MOO4. For example, I have a very relaxed, not-for-profit, development timeline which allows me to use one artist to ensure a consistent look across all of the UIs.

      More importantly, I am developing to a fixed aspect ratio instead of making a full-screen game, something that is not practical for commercial games. It’s a little “old school” and I’m sure that not having a full-screen mode will irritate a lot of players. However, this allows me to create much more detailed background artwork for the various UIs like the one above since I don’t have to worry about them being stretched unrealistically.

      Finally, I am enforcing a slightly different aesthetic for the artwork for the game which may or may not be better depending on the artistic opinions of the player.


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