Load testing

One thing I’m doing now that is very important is load testing the game under extreme conditions. For this case, I have set the “Ludicrous” map size to be 2400 systems when using 5 opponents. The idea is just to throw everything at the game and see what starts breaking.

Specifically, I’m looking for memory and performance issues and I’m finding plenty! But they will all get addressed over time. The goal is for players to be able to play on a ridiculous map of 2000 star systems if that’s what they really want to do. The save files for games like this are over 2MB in size. Not too bad, I think.

Here’s a map screenshot of the current game. I’m currently playing the Silicoids with about 85 systems colonized. I’ve only encountered the Bulrathi so far and they currently have 113 systems. I have no idea where the other 3 races are at (Meklar, Psilon & Alkari).


5 thoughts on “Load testing”

  1. That’s insane! Looks awesome, though! Is 5 the maximum amount of opponents?

    Any thoughts on shaped galaxies? With that many stars, a spiral-style Galaxy would look amazing.


    1. No, the maximum number of opponents will be 9 (for the first iteration).

      And absolutely of course there will be other galaxy shapes. Those are rather trivial to add so I haven’t really focused on them. I’ll probably wait until after the alpha is out before I start on those.


    1. Yes, there will need to be some way to scale research properly for the extremely large maps. I’m not sure if this should be done automatically, or by giving the players some control over it in the setup. The extreme variation in the map sizes may make the latter option not work well.

      The original MOO1 scaled research costs by the player difficulty level, but that game never had to deal with maps > 100 stars so galaxy size scaling wasn’t an issue.


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