June is “Alpha Month”

Well, it’s time for me to draw a line in the sand and start the alpha test. The artwork for the Galactic Councils is looking great and should be done by the end of May. I would love to have GNN artwork in there as well, but it’s not worth delaying the alpha any longer. The original plan for the alpha was 1Q for 2016 and that has been delayed for additional artwork, but it’s time to cut bait and get it out there. I’m not going to complain about the delay because it allowed me to squeeze in a lot of additional work that was planned for after the alpha.

In the past 6 weeks, I’ve done a lot of work with performance tuning and memory usage, and continue to do deep dives into games to ferret out any bugs I can find.

Here  is the latest plan for the alpha… it’s changed a bit since the original plan.

June 1st – alpha version of Remnants of the Precursors becomes available for free download.  The game will be playable for 30 days. Download instructions are to be determined.

All of June – All alpha feedback, comments and suggestions should be directed to the ROTP subreddit I’ve set up at https://www.reddit.com/r/rotp. There are a lot of great gaming forums on the internet where I have interacted and tried to spread the word out to my fellow MOO1 fans, but I will need to have a consolidated place where I can easily find bug reports. Reddit seems like the most universal forum in which to do that and I suggest that anyone wanting to alpha test set up an account on reddit for this purpose.

July 1st – the alpha version will cease to function. It’s very important for me to not have a lot of copies of the playable versions of the alpha around forever. For starters, there are still placeholder graphics from the original game that will eventually be removed. But mostly, I want anyone testing the game to provide timely feedback. Then I want that version to die because it will already be obsolete by July 1st anyway.

What this alpha version will still be missing is tactical combat, random events, and the 5 remaining races (Humans, Darlok,  Mrrshan, Sakkra & Klackon). In addition, there is still a tremendous amount of artwork  to add.

I will probably do another Alpha later in the  year when tactical combat is added, but that’s a ways out.




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